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Gradex 3000 Particle Size Analysers are the affordable aggregate gradation solution for reducing manual quality control costs. The Gradex 3000 dramatically lowers the manpower costs associated with sieve analysis, reduces the chances of operator error, and allows technicians to perform other work. The Gradex 3000 can automatically analyse up to six samples at a time.

How Gradex Works How it Works

Sequence of Operation Every aspect of the design is engineered to provide dependability and low maintenance operation. When maintenance is required, all components are easily accessible for service. Easy to operate Windows* based software automatically calculates results and produces a printable report.

Operation The Gradex 3000 particle size analyser can be used at the point of sample, which enables operators to perform the analysis right on the plant floor and leverage the results immediately without waiting for a laboratory test response.

Easy Loading of Material The operator pours the sample into the machine onto the sieve stack and initiates a test with a single keystroke.

Customised Data Presentations Customised data presentations can meet any DOT requirements. The operator can view data one test at a time or create custom reports to view groups of results, data vs. time, lot summaries, and a variety of other test results.

Dry Particle Installation Installation

PC-Control Gradex 3000 software is Windows-based, providing the greatest operational flexibility. This software can be set up in the test lab or any other environment where a standard PC can be used.

Computer Control Cabinet Gradex 3000 control systems can be housed in a free-standing console that includes dual fans to keep the machine dust-free. The console serves as an operator workstation with the ability to house the PC monitor, keyboard, and printer.

Dry Particle Specification Specifications

Gradex "Autofeed" Gradex fully automates the sieve analysis process. The Gradex "AutoFeed" enables staging of up to six samples for uninterrupted testing.

More Accurate Test Results Automation removes the chance for operator error. Each test is weighed the same, each sieve is brushed the same, each sample is handled in the same way.

Easy to Use Uses standard 12" (305mm) sieves and can accept 12 half-height sieves.

Lowers Costs Manpower is not required to run multiple tests - cost per test is dramatically reduced. While up to 6 samples are being tested, your technican is able to perform other tasks.

Automates Manual Testing Without technician intervension, the Gradex dumps each sieve fraction, brushes the sieve, weighs the material, calculates and records percentage passing, retained and cumulative totals.

Gradex 3000
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