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Rotex Launches New Tool-Less Cam for Apex Screening Machine

Rotex Global is proud to introduce another new innovation in the product range of industrial separation equipment, specifically to the Apex machine:  a new Tool-Less Cam.  The innovation of the Tool-Less Cam, allows for positioning of the ball tray without a wrench saving valuable time when inspecting or changing screens.  In fact, a single operator can complete all screen inspections quickly and easily. Weighing just 2.26 kgs, each screen panel can be changed in 80% less time than other competitive models.

The Apex screening machine is designed for efficient performance, reduced downtime within the processing line, and with new Tool-Less Cam system, quick and easy maintenance and cleaning.  Apex Screeners feature Gyratory Reciprocating Motion which has been proven time and again to increase quality product yield, with less reject of good material.  The Gyratory Reciprocating Motion has three separate and distinct motions beginning with a circular motion at the feed end.  This motion spreads the material across the full width of the screen surface, while stratifying the material.  The second type of motion is elliptical, which promotes stratification of material while conveying at a high capacity. Finally, the material is discharged through straight line motion which removes near size particles, and with no vertical component to the action, the material remains in constant contact with screen surface throughout the entire process. 

The Apex Separation Screeners are ideal for dry separations of a wide variety of recycling application types including bakery waste, crushed glass, ground PET bottles, wood, clay/non-metallic minerals, plastic regrind, and more.  Constructed from high quality, corrosion resistant stainless steel, Rotex screeners are built to last.

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