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Rotex Offers Solutions for Plastic Industry with Separation Equipment

Rotex Screening Machines provide accurate separations for the plastics processing industry. Through the efficient removal of “longs” and “toothpicks” due to horizontal plane and long stroke motion which keeps elongated material lying flat on the screen. This keeps the “longs” and “toothpicks” from up-ending and passing with the good pellets as they tend to when exposed to a vibratory motion with a vertical component. Gyratory-reciprocating motion promotes effective material stratification so the finer material is exposed to the screen opening and falls to the fines fraction.

Rotex has three industrial separation equipment solutions to meet the needs of the plastic processing industry. These include the classic Rotex screening machine, ergonomic Apex screening machine and the efficient Plastic Pellet screening machine. Using these screening machine options,  Rotex can provide unique benefits to plastic producers. Of which include:

  • Effective removal of oversize doubles and triplets without loss of good pellets. Because Rotex uses a combination of gyratory/reciprocating motion the pellets don’t “jump” down the deck and will more efficiently go through the oversize deck
  • The gyratory /reciprocating motion promotes quick stratification of the material settling fines rapidly to the bottom to be easily separated from the pellets
  • The Rotex ball mesh cleaning system positively clears the pellets from the screen openings. For oversize removal any plugging of the screen will make good pellets be lost with the overs and fines removal blinding will keep undesired fines in the pellets.
  • Motor HP requirements are less on a Rotex. In addition Rotex uses standard frame motor. This makes the machine operation more dependable, ideal for lights-out production lines.
  • With design flexibility in inlet/outlets positions and sizes, Rotex screeners can easily be fit your layout.
  • High efficiency screening motion Rotex generally requires less screening area for a given capacity than a vibration screen.
For more information on the screening machines for the plastic industry, simply go here

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