United Kingdom

Oil Seed Education

Rotex Sales Staff and Application Engineers attended a training day this month in Cheshire, England to learn more about Oil Seed Process Engineering. One of the world’s leading experts in this field Manuel Grabois of Proglobal, flew in from Argentina to present the seminar.

Some very interesting facts were presented, the most important being that an inefficient processing plant that is not separating the oil, kernels and hulls in the ideal proportions could be losing millions of dollars per year. There are many factors that effect the yield and quality of the finished product and these can be improved with the introduction of some high quality pieces of cleaning separating equipment; one case study discussed gave the owner a return on investment in only 28 days. Small percentage improvements in a limited number of areas can make a significant difference to the volumes of good product produced.

It is very important to remove foreign matter from the crop prior to processing and in addition to using a Rotex screener, a destoner and a multi aspirator can be employed depending upon the nature of the foreign matter removed.

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