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Gyratory Reciprocating Motion: Efficient Solution for Food Processing

The rigorous demands of the food processing industry requires meeting various standards and demands include, but not limited to, highly sanitary machine designs, flexibility in application processing type and recovering on-spec product consistently.  Rotex Screeners and Separators have been designed and tested to meet the needs of the demanding food processing industry throughout Europe.

Rotex Screeners feature Gyratory Reciprocating Motion which has been proven time and again to increase quality product yield, with less reject of good material.  The Gyratory Reciprocating Motion has three separate and distinct motions beginning with a circular motion at the feed end.  This motion spreads the material across the full width of the screen surface, while stratifying the material forward.  The second type of motion is elliptical, which promotes stratification of material while conveying at a high capacity. Finally, the material is discharged through straight line motion which removes near size particles, and with no vertical component to the action, the material remains in constant contact with screen surface.  

By utilizing precise screen openings along with Gyratory Reciprocating Motion, Rotex screeners can remove a specific size range of particles with greater accuracy and efficiency.  In addition to innovative screening motion, Rotex’s Apex Dry Separation Screeners offers ergonomically-designed performance and service features. A single operator can complete all screen inspections quickly and easily. Weighing just 2.26 kgs, each screen panel can be changed in 80% less time than other competitive models.

Apex Separation Screeners have a wide spectrum of options to allow for a bespoke screening solution into any food processing line.  Most Apex Screeners can be equipped with aspiration hoods to remove dust and other light material.  These aspiration hoods allow air to be pulled over the falling product stream and are adjustable for various products and rates.

The Apex models range from a single surface models (two grades- one separation) to a three surface models (four grade- three separations).  With motors ranging from 1.5kW to 7.5kW, Apex screeners have the rugged construction and horsepower required for the screening demands of food processing industry. 

The Apex Separation Screeners are ideal for dry separations of a wide variety of food application types including breading, cereals, corn, coffee, seeds, grain, wheat, flour, rice, soybeans, oilseeds, sugar, almonds, peanuts and more.

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