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Ergonomic Features of Apex Screener

Quick Access Apex Doors

Apex Dry Separation Screeners are designed for efficient performance, increased process up-time within the production line, and quick and easy maintenance and cleaning. Utilizing a low-angle, long-stroke gyratory-reciprocating motion, the APEX provides efficient material distribution, stratification, and separation. This dramatically increases output while maintaining high quality dry separations.

Quick Access Doors

  • No wrenches are required to open doors for screen inspection or maintenance allowing for inspection of all screens being able to be completed in less than ten minutes. 

    Ergonomic Design

    • Large access doors allow one person to change a screen panel in less than 2 minutes.  With individual screen panels weight at just 2.26 kgs.

    Reduced maintenance

    • Easy access to discharge sleeves reduces downtime

    Positive Screen Cleaning

    • Bouncing balls keep screen openings clear, maintaining efficiency and capacity

Apex Dry Separation Screeners are ideal for dry separations of chemicals, fertilizers, clay/non-metallic minerals, industrial sand, salt/potash/soda ash, food processing, sugar, crushed minerals, refractory, water filter/treatment, feed pellets, meat meal, bakeries and cereals, corn processing, starch, sweeteners, forest products, commodity pellets, resin, pet food, oil seed processing, grain cleaning, engineered pellets, metal powder, rubber processing, soaps and detergents.

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